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Kweku Hayford is a dynamic executive producer in the film and entertainment industry. He has a keen ability to envision the genesis of a creative idea, then manage conceptual projects from start to finish. Industrious and innovative, he produces inspiring works that maximize resources furnished by a wide range of budgets.

After several years of operating as a procurement and logistics director serving high-end international clients, Kweku transitioned seamlessly into the entertainment industry. To this calling, he brings his well-honed project management, leadership and organizational skills. Kweku now serves as an executive producer on a number of independent film and television projects, most notably with Nimble Sage Productions. His proven strategies and creative methods have made him a valuable asset to the many innovative projects he has been proud to develop.

Twenty years of experience in negotiations have made Kweku a calculated risk-taker. He has built an enviable reputation for developing business strategies, incubating venture models, and building new establishments into mature revenue-generating engines. All phases of production, from financing through to distribution, now experience the benefit of his seasoned eye and inventive approach to problem-solving. Kweku’s network is vast, his successes laudable, and his passion for making great motion pictures unparalleled.

Since graduating Magna Cum Laude from Clark Atlanta University, Kweku has maintained his core values of integrity, resilience and unflagging commitment to personal growth. In his personal life, he spends quality time in Alexandria Virginia, practicing to be a great future husband. He tries to put as many miles as possible on his running shoes when he’s not enjoying a cup of tea and a movie. Kweku is also a passionate proponent of organizations that represent charitable causes, doing all that he can to support their life-changing work.


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Kweku or "Flash" as I called him, is a vetted executive producer and a talented film financier that understands the inner workings of the movie and film industry. In my time working with Flash I was impressed by his dedication to his projects and the expertise he had in financing multi-million dollar franchise movie & TV blockbusters. His resume in the film world does not even begin to scratch the surface of his professionalism & depth in the field of film production and financing. I highly recommend working with Flash.

Nicholas Coriano Entrepreneur, Financier, Investor & CEO HÔMESCAPE™ LLC

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