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A wealth of hard-won knowledge for a future of limitless possibilities.

Kweku Hayford’s value to clients in the film and entertainment industry lies in the breadth of his experience. He has worked with stakeholders at all stages of production, from helping secure seed financing to putting the finishing touches on a project launch. When combined with his extensive network of industry professionals and the resources of Nimble Sage Productions, Kweku can offer services and support that are backed by over twenty years of informed, reputable and highly sought-after expertise.

The path from conception to distribution doesn’t run in a straight line, and nor is it traversed without multiple challenges and pitfalls. Solid str...
Securing adequate financing for new productions lies at the heart of Kweku’s expertise. As an accomplished executive producer, he not only finds inv...
Kweku Hayford has done a lot of things in his professional life, but none of them have involved standing patiently by while someone else handed him an...
Everyone’s got a list. The script, the storyboard, the lunch order. Making a motion picture or television show is an endless trail of things to do a...
Among all the components of a well-drafted business plan, the budget seems to create the greatest hurdle to filmmakers looking for investors. Making a...
Kweku Hayford doesn’t just manage projects. He manages people. As the Principal of Nimble Sage Productions, he guides a small group of in-house asso...
Sometimes it’s about sticking to your guns, and more often it’s about compromise. Either way, negotiation is at the core of what the executive pro...
Throughout his career, Kweku has nurtured an extensive network of entertainment industry professionals. They are the key to the wide range of services...
It can take anything from a handful of passionate friends to a small army of dedicated professionals to create movie magic. Regardless of the size, bu...


The unwavering commitment to what the mind says to be true, and the heart knows to be real.
98% Complete 98% Resourcefulness
97% Complete 97% Attentiveness
95% Complete 95% Optimism
99% Complete 99% Motivation
97% Complete 97% Enthusiasm
96% Complete 96% Focus
93% Complete 93% Teamwork
99% Complete 99% Passion
99% Complete 99% Courage